Author, Activist, and Mother

A Deaf Woman’s Story of Love, Identity, and Adoption

By Brandi Rarus and Gail Harris

At eight months old Zoe was the bright and beautiful picture of a baby any mother would want. So why was she passed in and out of four homes desperately in need of a family to love her? Finding Zoe: A Deaf Woman’s Story of Identity, Love, and Adoption By Brandi Rarus and Gail Harris. Foreword by Academy-Award Winner Marlee Matlin.

A profound story on so many levels, Finding Zoe pulls back the curtain on being deaf in America. But it is about so much more. It is about having an unintended pregnancy, adoption, and good parenting. It is about making the right choices, no matter how difficult. It shows how love can take on many disguises, about the uselessness of blaming others, and how what seems horrible up-close is beautiful from a distance. It is about coming home to yourself, your family, and fulfilling your destiny.

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