Author, Activist, and Mother


Opening our Eyes

I am Deaf. I am a Woman. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a friend. I define myself as Deaf first because it’s my gift. My silent world is colorful and vibrant, full of energy & love. Noise presents no distractions for me, so most of the time I keenly see what others may miss – much to the dismay of my four kids!

Brandi is a woman of many talents. Ever on the go, her realm of experiences crosses many sectors and she has come to be well known and highly regarded by Deaf and hearing people alike for her work as a high-level executive the telecommunications industry in management, sales and marketing positions, launched internet and video relay marketing initiatives, which resulted in videophones and video relay services.  Today she works for Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc which is the largest non profit organization for deaf and hard of hearing people in the world.  Leading their business development team,  her work constantly puts her in touch with hearing customers and audiences.  Brandi uses  a sign language interpreter to communicate effectively with her audiences and win business. Brandi feels her real strength lies in communicating with hearing audiences. But what’s most telling about Brandi Rarus is that she has had such a successful career supporting Deaf people while raising four children, three of which are hearing.

Brandi has dabbled and succeeded in whatever she puts her mind to. Brandi is married to Tim Rarus, one of the leaders of the Gallaudet “Deaf President Now!” protest that took place in Washington, DC in 1988. A former Miss Deaf America, she signed the National Anthem at a Chicago Cubs baseball game, has spoken at corporations including AT&T, and federal agencies including as the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Communications Commission. She has appeared on the Emmy-winning television series,“Deaf Mosaic,” given newspaper interviews, and was on the cover of the October 1988 issue of Deaf Life Magazine.